Individual coaching

Given that different volunteers have different experiences while undertaking a mobility project, ADICE has introduced an individualised support system for every person who wishes to undertake a mobility project abroad.

ADICE ensures that all volunteers and interns receive the information and support necessary to making their project a success. ADICE also ensures that the project can benefit the volunteer’s career plans.

Individual Support up to 6 months after the return to the host country

Each person is mentored for the duration of the project, the planning and sending processes and up to 6 months after their return. The ‘project mentor’ works for ADICE and remains the same throughout the whole process.

ADICE monitors each person over the course of their project abroad, either directly (by email or phone) or on site in which case it is done through an intermediary of the designated mentor.

Planning an experience to fit with the volunteer’s career plans

Over the course of individual interviews, the project mentor plans and builds a mobility project with the future volunteer which responds to their expectations and at the same time provides a learning curve.

A learning/career plan is established by the individual during one or more stages of the mobility project. From the start, end hypotheses are drawn up in order to ensure that the mobility experience corresponds as much as possible to the individual’s learning/career plan.

The project mentor’s role is to keep the future volunteer or intern informed and to plan, devise and define a mobility project with the volunteer’s collaboration. The project mentor will thus encourage the participant either to undertake a volunteering opportunity or an internship through a choice of international and European programs. The aim is to seperate the participant from their everyday environment and to provide the opportunity to become more independent and responsible. The future volunteer/intern must also identifiy, improve and take advantage of the skills acquired during the experience.

On returning to the home country, an evaluation is carried out in order to evaluate the skills gained.

Identifying and building a project with partners

The individual support program is organised when ADICE negotiates with international partners. This option is offered in order to ensure that the project fulfils as much as possible the expectations of the individual, and also more importantly in order to make monitoring the volunteer more consistent.  The mentor then contacts the host organisation in order to prepare the volunteer’s arrival.

Planning and organising the project is also done in collaboration with local partners, and this ensures that the mobility experience can benefit the individual in terms of their career plans. For example, ADICE works regularly with the Ecole de la Seconde Chance in Roubaix to convince those accountable for the volunteer in the establishment that the work experience will not compromise the volunteer’s ongoing school year and can in fact enable the volunteer to learn new skills linked to his/her education.

Information and Training

ADICE informs and trains each volunteer in order to ensure they are prepared for the departure and for adapting to their new environment and thus are able to make the experience a success. Training is done either through individual interviews or through meetings with  future and former volunteers. Before the volunteer’s departure, ADICE gives the volunteer a mobility booklet which recounts everything the volunteer has learnt during the training process and provides all the information that may be of use in the host country such as insurance, who to contact etc.

Training support for those who do not wish to emabark straightaway on a long term project for various reasons

1) Learning support for short term projects before embarking on a long term project (volunteering or internship projects). 

In order to incite the participation of persons with fewer opportunities, ADICE has developed specific learning support programs linked to the activities of its international partners.

ADICE is thus offering those who do not wish to embark on a long term project the chance to test themselves first by undertaking short term projects (lasting from 2 weeks to 2 months). These projects  have been organised to take place in partner companies who have the capacity to supply daily learning support for these persons. For these future volunteers the aim is to get a taste of what it will be like to embark alone on a long term project.

After a positive first experience, the volunteer can then recieve learning support while undertaking a long term project (lasting 2 to 12 months) which will enable them to personally committ to a solidarity and intercultural exchange project.

The learning support program is organised through an ever growing network of experienced partner companies, who have the capacity to devise projects that suit the volunteer’s profile (for example according to career plans and expectations of the project).

The main aim is to allow people with fewer opportunties to have access to a long term committment project in the sense of a volunteering or internship placement. In 2008, 13 short term project participants  undertook or were preparing to embark on a long term project.

2) Accompanying the volunteer to the host organisation:

In certain cases, ADICE can accompany the volunteer to the host organisation, in order to ensure their arrival and transition on site in the presence of their mentor. This is targeted above all to those who, for diverse reasons, do not feel ready to travel alone to the host country (due to, for example, being scared of flying, lack of self-confidence, linguistic barriers and health problems).

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