Mobility for youth workers

ADICE offers youth workers the possibility to develop their professionalism through the discovery of others cultures and professional practices.

mobility for youth workers

The mobility for youth workers depends on the Erasmus + Youth and Sport Program, this component of the program aims to strengthen the quality of youth work and non-formal learning for young people in Europe.

It is addressed to all those people working or volunteering in the field of youth: youth workers, social workers, representatives and technicians of associations and popular education movements, but also local authorities and all the stakeholders of the civil society dealing with European issues related to youth.

Youth stakeholders may initiate and coordinate an activity or be a partner in a project organized in another country.

What are the requirements to participate to a mobility of youth workers?

  • To be more than 18 years old
  • Reside in France
  • Work with a young public (employment or voluntary)

What are the objectives of the mobility?

  • Gain work experience in another country of the European Union;
  • Develop social, language and professional skills (teamwork, self-confidence);
  • Improve at least one foreign language;
  • Increase employability;
  • Revitalize your job research with a recent experience.

What is the duration of mobility?

The mobility of Youth Workers can last from 2 days to 2 months.

What are the activities proposed?

  • Seminars: exchange of experience, good practice and reflection on themes like animation / work / youth policy
  • Training: educational learning program on specific topics, aiming to improve skills, knowledge and know-being of participants, and enhance the quality of animation or projects practice
  • Contact Seminars: meeting organized to allow participants to find partners for transnational cooperation and / or the development of a common project
  • Study visits: to better understand the realities of youth work in a country on a specific theme through local organizations visit

What are the host countries?

The motilities of youth workers are held in the countries of the European Union (31 countries program) + EU neighboring countries (Southeast Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucasus, Mediterranean countries) and sometimes: other countries world.

Financial conditions?

Travel expenses, accommodation, food and international insurance are supported for the youth worker.

To know

  • Contact an accredited sending organization:
  • ADICE is accredited sending organization.

For more information

If you are interested by mobility for youth workers, the European and international mobility, register for a collective information meeting.

Registration required

  • Erasmus Agency website + France Youth and Sport: click here


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