Elena, professional internship, Cardiff

My name is Elena and I am 27 years old. Last year, Last year, I carried out a 6-month professional internship in Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom).


My mobility experience took me to a training centre where I was in charge of Erasmus Programme development, mobility projects and general development of international partnerships. I also provided the centre’s personnel with support for administrative tasks and other projects which were underway or in development.

I worked in a training centre based around management and leadership. The courses provided are aimed at people who have lost their jobs, those who are unemployed, those who do not have any qualifications and also managers, people aiming to further their professional development. In addition, the centre takes on groups of young French people for 10-day sessions, providing them with much needed opportunities. The organisation is called Career Change Wales – Training Academy.

I was particularly enthusiastic about this mobility project as I wished to: further my professional development, master new skills, provide my CV with added value, develop my ability to express myself in a foreign language, discover a new culture, build up my professional network and improve my chances of finding a job afterwards (in which I succeeded).

I was fortunate enough to have an excellent experience, as the family which hosted me was very nice and the company I worked for was very good. Although I encountered some difficulties, this was perhaps due to the language; I overcame this obstacle by reading as much as possible in the country’s language, by communicating with my host family and colleagues and working hard to master the grammar.

I am very proud of how I managed to improve my language skills, of gaining two certifications for the company I worked for, of having displayed a high level of professionalism and commitment which led to my being offered a contract at the end of my mobility period. Additionally, given that my host family are of Asian origin, I also learned how to eat with chopsticks and got used to eating spicy food!

My training is based around international and European relations. This experience in a foreign country fits perfectly into my career trajectory. It represents my “passport” and a distinct advantage for a future job in this field as I acquired skills which will underscore my employability. The language that I used during my stay is the universal language which will allow me to work anywhere in the world.

As the organisation I worked for was a training centre, I was able to take part in almost all the courses: management, leadership, web design, computing, environment, protection and security…

Today I am working for the same company where my mobility project took place I have signed a one-year contract and I am pursuing my missions. I have also taken on greater responsibilities as I am the sole representative of the company for certain overseas business meetings.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”, Confucius


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