Emmanuel, professionnal internship, Spain

« He vivido la mejor experiencia desde siempre y he conocido a
personas humosas con alma e inteligencia »

Emmanuel et son tuteur
“I had the best experience ever, and I met funny, intelligent people with soul.”

“I taught French in a public school for four months in Seville, Spain. I wanted to challenge myself and improve my Spanish while having a professional experience in Spain, and learn about being a teacher in French. Personally, this experience brought me a certain self-confidence; I got rid of my fears and my demons, and I performed in a work environment abroad.

Professionally, I had worthwhile contact with my colleagues and students; I acquired computer skills and new work techniques because of the various types of support given me. I am proud of the relationship I developed with my students and colleagues, and of the independence I gained. This experience will be useful to me in a professional setting, preferably in Spain, because that’s where I plan to live in the future.”

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