Europe Direct


Raising awareness of mobility and european citizenship

In January 2013, ADICE was accredited as a Europe Direct Centre by the European Commission. This quality label was created to inform citizens about the European Union, its opportunities, public policies and institutions. The Centre works to familiarise people with the EU’s political activities by providing answers and by organising mass-audience activities to encourage discussion about the EU.

Raising Public Awareness about the European Union

The Centre makes available documentation. The documentation display features brochures on the rights of European citizens, international exchange and mobility programmes, European magazines and news. In addition, leaflets and posters about European programmes, activities and events are posted at the Centre.

The Centre offers public events, with annual public meetings, exhibitions, and special events in May («The Lovely Month of Europe in Nord-Pas de Calais»). The Centre also participates to different local, national and international events to inform a wide audience.

Every wednesday, the Centre organizes an information meeting in order to display informations about European Union and opportunities it offers as mobility programs.

Once a month, a training about European Union takes place in ADICE’s office or in a meeting room booked specially. This training is free and eveybody can attend it. During this module, you will learn more about EU, its goals, its functionning and its institutions as well as the practical aspects of mobility projects.

Its Twitter and Facebook pages provide the latest local news and share the experiences of people who have completed a mobility project.

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