EU AID Volunteers – Capacity building

Platform on humanitarian aid for a sustainable empowerment (phase).

Eu aid volunteers

ADICE, in partnership with 13 organizations, coordinates the PHASE project (Platform on Humanitarian Aid for a Sustainable Empowerment) in the framework of the European Aid Volunteers Program, managed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and the DG ECHO of the European Commission.

The project involves 14 organizations: 3 from European countries (ADICE, ASPEm and MONDO) and 11 structures from developing countries (Peru, India, Uganda, Nepal, Thailand, Kenya, Ghana, Ukraine, Bolivia and Palestine).

The project which lasts 2 years from May 2016, aims at improving and strengthening the capacities of these 11 organizations in managing volunteers in humanitarian context in order to get new methods, tools and to transfer these capacities to their network. The project also aims at developing an online platform opened to the involved partners to get access to the training sessions and tools but also to stock up tools, practices and projects realized by hosted volunteers.

The intervention of volunteers in humanitarian aid context is really relevant: for volunteers is a unique opportunity to gain experience in the field of international cooperation which will enhance their professional and personal path; for local organizations and communities is an interesting opportunity to get new skills and knowledges to realize their projects.

But working in humanitarian aid context can be very complicated on different aspects (administration, logistic, security).It requires the development and the application of rules and procedures to ensure the good conditions to realize such projects (maximum level of security, logistics, optimal administrative and operational process…).

The PHASE project is focused on seminaries, workshops, and training sessions in Europe and in the partners countries to exchange best practices and to train the partner organizations acting in humanitarian context in the preparation and the monitoring of the volunteers during their activities with the local communities.

The project will be realized into 2 steps:

1 – Empowerment of High Quality Volunteering management in Humanitarian Aid: trainings will enable the organizations based in developing countries to be reinforced in local and international volunteering management and get new methods and capacities to identify the needs, to prevent the risks and to develop further projects, especially in the frame of the European Aid Volunteer Program (certification deployment).

2- Sustainability and multiplication of the volunteering management impacts in Humanitarian Aid context: tools (such as an online volunteering management platform and publications) will be created to reinforce the organizations in humanitarian contexts in volunteering management and to increase their competencies to develop larger partnerships and disseminate the skills and knowledge related to volunteering management in EU humanitarian Aid to their networks.

Training and workshop will be organized in Europe and in developing countries; in the month of May ADICE will host in Roubaix the first seminar for the three European organizations.

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