Presentation of the project I’m Active+

Following the call for partners of the Slovenian association LUNG, within the framework of a strategic partnership, ADICE participates in the project “I’m active +”.

This project aims to increase the employability of women between 20 and 64 years in Europe, especially those with fewer opportunities, improving the level of their skills, making them more compatible with the need of labor market and society. This project will help disadvantaged groups to participate in continuous training programs, career guidance and counseling.

The project follows the main objectives of the primaries European priorities listed in different strategic documents such as the European platform against poverty and social exclusion, the Erasmus + program, the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning, the European agenda for adult learning, the development of the international adult Program (PIAAC), the Treaty of the European Union etc.

The project will increase educational opportunities by providing a new program for the social integration process of disadvantaged groups at local, regional, national, European and international level.

The project will focus on the following priorities:

  • contribute to reducing the number of low-skilled immigrant women
  • facilitate the validation of non-formal and informal learning to support the assessment of key skills, including basic and general skills ( in particular entrepreneurship, language and digital skills)

This project is aimed at different target groups:

  • immigrant women who are nationals of third-world countries as one of the most vulnerable EU partners
  • the staff of associations (as trainers) with the objective to improve their teaching and management skills
  • key stakeholders (employers, associations working directly with the target group) to develop effective connections between education and the labor market

The main objective of the project is to promote the integration of immigrant women coming from third world countries, with the specific intent to integrate them into the labor market. The project also intends to develop intercultural dialogue between the target group mentioned and European citizens.

These objectives can be realized by:

  • the development and improvement of the model of good practice of the Slovenes with the process of identification and validation of non-formal and informal learning
  • Other innovative elements

To achieve these goals, two pedagogical tools will be prepared:

  1. Methodology and guidelines for the establishment of a training program for trainers
  2. Curriculum and program recommendations to promote social integration and the development of intercultural dialogue with immigrant women (emphasizing their integration in the labor market)

To develop these pedagogical tools, several activities will be implemented:

  • 1 short-term training program for staff (15 future trainers)
  • The establishment of a pilot program for immigrant women in all partner countries (5 sessions with at least 75 immigrant women, 20 employers who offer them vocational training, 5 cultural mediators participating in the implementation of the program)
  • 5 events to multiply the result of the project

The strategic partnership of this project is made by:

  • a Slovenian organization of public education for adults: Ljudska univerza Nova Gorica (LUNG)
  • an Italian social cooperative, Cooperativa Orso
  • a French association: Association for the Development of Citizen and European Initiatives (ADICE) a Croatian organization of public education for adults: Pučko Otvoreno učilište Zagreb (POUZ)
  • a Turkish cultural and educational Association: Mozaik Genclik ve Egitim Kultur Doga Dernegi

All these organizations share their goals and development strategies.

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