New EU Aid Volunteers vacancies available !

You can now apply for the new vacancies of our EU Aid Volunteers deployment projects.

New vacancy in Thailand is now available ! The other vacancies for Palestine, Turkey, Albania, Bolivia, India, Uganda and Georgia starting in May and June 2019 will be available soon.

You will find all the opened vacancies descriptions of our deployment project on HVA EUAV platform, SuDHAV 2 platform, and MPDL platform

If you are interested in such humanitarian volunteering opportunities, you must complete the following application documents (that you can find in the list of vacancies below) :

– your application form SuD HAV completed
– your self assessment questionnaire completed
– your CV Europass

>> Send your documents to

In your email subject, please mention your name and the exact title of the EU Aid Volunteers vacancy you apply for!


The first vacancies of the EU Aid Volunteers HVA deployment project coordinated by ADICE with MONDO and ADRA Slovakia and our non-EU partners from 5 countries (Morocco, Algeria, Albania, Georgia, Turkey) will be published soon !

Deadline : 20th of January 2019


The EU Aid Volunteers SuD HAV 2 deployment project coordinated by MONDO with ADICE and ASPEm and our non-EU partners from 10 countries (Peru, Bolivia, Palestine, Ukraine, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal, India and Thailand) opened the first vacancies !

Deadline (Uganda, Thaïland, India): 23th of January 2019
Deadline (Palestine and Bolivie): 10th January 2019



The EU Aid Volunteers MPDL (Movimiento por la Paz, el Desarme et la Libertad) deployment project coordinated by MPDL with ADICE and our non-EU partners from Perou and Bolivia are now available opened !

Deadline : 20th of January 2019


>>  Next steps :

In January 2019: the pre-selected candidates will have a Skype interview with ADICE and our Non EU partners.

Between February and April 2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate to the online and face-to-face pre-departure trainings.

The final selection announcement will be done after the pre-departure trainings in April 2019.

The complementary training will take place between April and May 2019.

>> More vacancies :

Available soon…






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