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Newsletter #5


Networking event

Partenaire 3E
On 26 and 27 March, six European organisations from the 3EforYouth network met to work together and attend ADICE's 25th anniversary celebrations. Participants included: Curba de Cultura (Romania), KERIC (Slovakia), Volunteers Centre Skopje (Macedonia), Pi Youth Association (Turkey), Vicolocorto (Italy), Focus European Center for Development (Bulgaria).


Volunteering in Italy

Interested to volunteer in Italy ? 4 new calls of 6 months starting from October just opened!
Vicolocorto offers to youngsters 18 - 30 years old the possibility to live a volunteering experience, short or long-term, in Pesaro (Italy).

ESC volunteering in Cyprus – children’s rights

HFC is looking for ESC volunteers to commence in August 2024 to support our work promoting and protecting children’s rights – two for our R&D division and one for the Humanitarian division. Contact Emma on mesikammen.e@uncrcpc.org.


Projects & tools

Circus ACT

Social circus tools for youth workers

Looking for a novel approach to working with youth? A social circus curriculum, e-handbook and e-learning course are now available on the Circus A.C.T platform. These tools were developed by partners from 6 countries in the project funded by the EU.

Kit : Reducing the impact of digital practice on the environment

Through this kit, the ADICE wants to reinforce the capacities and knowledge of professionals by helping them to implement new “digital” practices that have less impact on the environment.
Youth tackling hate speech in Cyprus

Youth tackling hate speech in Cyprus

In February, a group of youth in Cyprus were trained on how to identify and combat hate speech. The training was part of the Hate Trackers Beyond Borders project co-funded by the EU. Read more about HFC’s ESC volunteers’ experiences on our blog.

Guide: Entrepreneurials skills

Produced as part of the VIVE project, the guide aims to equip professionals in the youth field to support young Moroccans in the process of developing entrepreneurial skills and creating structures to have a significant and lasting impact on local communities in Morocco.

Report: Discrimination, prejudice and obstacles to participation in youth organisations

Discover the comparative research report carried out as part of the European EDIGO project, "The Challenges of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Youth Organisations".

Upcoming ESC training courses and seminars

20 - 24 May 2024 | Italy

Training course on how develop Inclusion and Diversity management in ESC projects

This training course aims to drive more Inclusion and Diversity in Volunteering and Solidarity Projects, to develop participants' knowledge and competencies on work with a diverse group of young people.
10 - 14 June 2024 | Spain

Toolfair on Solidarity projects

The TOOL FAIR ON SOLIDARITY PROJECTS is a 3-day international event that brings together young people who have carried out or are currently implementing a Solidarity Project and participants with no previous experience, to share tools and best practices.
From 11th April until the end of 2024 | Online

Volunteering Impact Measurement Training in Europe

Evidence shows that volunteering is beneficial in many fields, unfortunately the methods used to measure the impact of volunteering are lacking. The V-CALC project enables 800 volunteer managers and coordinators of all ages & diversity to measure and understand the impact of their volunteers.


The 3EforYouth network works to provide support to young people, youth professionals and any stakeholders from the youth sector by developing Europe-wide initiatives to raise the voice and strengthen the commitment of young people in Europe.

Through the network, 15 European partners have decided to collaborate on developing international mobility & cooperation projects to scale-up their impact. The network has been designed to cover a large area of the European Union to consider a wide range of socio-economic and cultural contexts.


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