About us

Objectives of the association

Promote equal opportunities

The ADICE acts for the social and professional promotion of the public by allowing everyone to benefit from an international experience, taking into account the capacities and aspirations of each one, in a logic of promotion and by favoring a dynamic and coherent approach of the mobility.

Develop skills

The ADICE offers the opportunity to its public to participate in European and international mobility actions, which will allow it to develop social skills (open-mindedness, autonomy, self-confidence), professional (team work, technical skills and linguistic) and intercultural (discovering a country, a new environment, accepting differences, sharing experience on the return).

Mobility as a lever for access to employment

Mobility is a learning and evolution opportunity that allows you to enrich your values and acquire useful skills to carry out your personal and professional projects.

Our team


Management, Coordination and Development

  • Djamel BENIA, Manager at ADICE  Contact
  • Terje KÔLAMETS, Deputy manager Contact
  • Sandrine MEDDAH, Accountant Contact

Mobility Department

  • Amélie CATHIER, Mobility project manager – professional mobility Contact
  • Léa GOIZET, Mobility manager – European Voluntary Service Contact
  • Cyrielle BERTOLETTI, Mobility project manager – civil service Contact

Experimental and Development Projects

  • Eudes BASTID, Coordinator  Contact
  • Olivier LETAILLEUR, Projects manager Contact
  • Clémence ROGER, Projects manager Contact
  • Elena POPESCU, Projects manager Contact
  • Europe Direct Information Direct Contact

Activity reports

ADICE has published its activity report for the year 2019. It reports on the various projects on which ADICE has worked this year and its prospects for 2020.

Previous annual activity reports