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International mobility

Mobility support: Competences+ Method

The ADICE sets up a structured educational support called Skills + to identify the profile of the participant and thus guide him more effectively to a suitable mobility program. The preparation of a mobility project is organized in 5 modules and is extended with a follow-up of 6 months after the return.

The objective of ADICE is to make mobility a means to improve the employability of participants.

ADICE sees mobility as an opportunity for learning and development that enriches one's values and acquires skills that are useful for carrying out one's personal and professional projects.

Following a collective information meeting and an identification interview to which each potential participant must take part, he can then continue his mobility journey through the following modules:

Module 1: Construction of the project and development of the mobility passport

This module, which takes place in individual meetings between a project manager and a participant, aims to identify the issues of mobility within the personal path and professional of the participant. For this purpose, he has an online access to the "mobility passport", where he has to fill in cards related to his profile and his project.

Module 2: Validation of the mobility project

This module, both individual and collective, reaches a step in the project since the participant signs the mobility agreements with ADICE. The participant receives a "mobility portfolio" containing the cards of the mobility passport.

Module 3: Preparation for mobility

The future volunteer or trainee participates in a training initially set up by ADICE, Module 3, with all the other participants. The objectives of this training module are to guarantee security on the spot, to situate its mobility project in intercultural contexts.

Module 4: Finalization of the project

This module, more administrative, should allow the participant to project as concretely as possible in the reality of his mobility, by participating in the implementation of his project and the means of its success. The contracts are signed, and the project manager explains the last logistical details and the monitoring device during the mobility.

Module 5: Capitalization of the project

The volunteer or trainee receives, on his return, collective or individual time for evaluation, restitution and exchange of experience. The objectives are to encourage the participant's involvement in a self-evaluation process and to allow him to be a player in the rest of his career.