EDI GO : Les questions d’égalité, de diversité et d’inclusion au cœur de vos organisations !

European projects 07 December 2023

As part of the Erasmus+ project "EDI GO", a comparative research report on key issues relating to the implementation of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within youth organizations has been produced by the 5 European partners. Already available on the new website dedicated exclusively to the project, this report explores the experiences of young people and social workers in five countries, also presenting the main obstacles to implementing EDI practices.


For many years, the European Union has been providing clear guidelines to encourage social inclusion, diversity and promote equal opportunities for young people. As youth is at the heart of the European Union’s concerns in various strategic documents, ADICE is involved in the EDI GO project. This project aims to strengthen youth organizations by helping them improve their practices in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

A report that gives a voice to those working in the field

The research findings highlight the perspectives of social workers who interact directly with young people. By analyzing the professional experience of these workers, the most common reasons for vulnerability to discrimination, exclusion and lack of access to equal opportunities are low socio-economic status, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability and mental disorders. A number of testimonials illustrate in concrete terms how these discriminations and exclusions manifest themselves.

The report also explores the main challenges faced by youth organizations in implementing equality, diversity and inclusion practices. From structural barriers to cultural resistance, the report identifies the specific obstacles encountered in different organizational and national contexts within these youth organizations. Case studies are used to illustrate how these obstacles manifest themselves in practice and hinder the achievement of inclusion objectives.

Recommendations available on the EDI GO project website

The report makes key recommendations for youth organizations to improve their ability to integrate young people from sexual, gender and ethnic minorities more effectively.

The report is freely available here. It is also available on the project’s website, which has recently been launched.

A toolbox for professionals will be available in the coming weeks to support this report! Stay tuned so that you too can implement new practices for equality, diversity and inclusion!

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The EDI GO project aim to reinforce the youth organisations by helping them to improve their practices in equality, diversity and inclusion by using a whole-organizational approach.

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