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With over 25 years’ experience, ADICE is working to gain recognition for its actions in order to become a key player in the youth field. Through its actions, the association has enabled more than 2,500 people to go on a mobility project in Europe and around the world. ADICE is convinced, and its studies on the impact on young people confirm this, that giving young people these opportunities fosters the development of social, professional and intercultural skills.

In addition, in order to be able to propose and develop ever more innovative actions, ADICE is also involved in the development of international cooperation projects (Interreg programme or Erasmus+ cooperation partnership projects). These initiatives enable the ADICE to develop numerous tools and methods to guarantee quality support for young people and professionals alike, in order to encourage the design and development of appropriate and relevant international actions.

Over the years, ADICE has built up a large network of European and international partners which is growing every day. With a view to perpetuating these partnerships and in line with its Europeanisation strategy, ADICE has given concrete expression to its ambitions through a European youth network.

Presentation of the network

As part of a 3-year work plan, the association is therefore going to make the most of these shared professional experiences through the “3EforYouth” network, which will enable ADICE to change scale and enable all the members of the network to multiply the impact of its actions tenfold.  The 3EforYouth network thus works to provide support to young people, youth professionals and all stakeholders in the sector wishing to develop Europe-wide initiatives to raise the voice and strengthen the commitment of young people in Europe.

In order to have the desired impact, ADICE has selected 15 long-standing European partners with whom it has already collaborated in the past, whether through mobility or other international cooperation projects. The network has been designed to cover a large area of the EU in order to be able to consider a wide range of socio-economic and cultural contexts. This will also enable the network to promote and implement its activities on an international scale in order to have a European impact.

ADICE will be working with its informal network of 16 partner organisations from the youth sector based in 15 European countries. They host volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps, vocational training trainees (Erasmus+ VET) and entrepreneurs under the Erasmus+ programme for young entrepreneurs. They also host participants in civic service volunteering activities or are partners in strategic partnership projects, humanitarian volunteer deployment or capacity-building projects.


The 3EforYouth network will focus all its activities on the following two themes:

  • Mobility
  • International cooperation

The activities implemented by the members of the network are in line with several of the objectives of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, aiming to promote the participation of young people, encourage their networking and that of professionals, develop the skills of all stakeholders and promote solidarity between Europeans.

The network’s overall strategy is to develop a new system of engagement for young Europeans and youth structures. To this end, in line with the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027, the range of activities proposed by the network for the next 3 years will follow the 3 following specific objectives:

  1. Encourage young people to get involved and facilitate their participation in actions of general interest ;
  2. Networking stakeholders in the youth sector ;
  3. Build the capacity of stakeholders in the youth sector ;

All these objectives have been defined and associated with appropriate activities to ensure that the network has the capacity to have an impact in the short, medium and long term, at several levels and with a variety of stakeholders.

Activities and seminars

To ensure that each objective is achieved, 3 dedicated activities have been associated with it:

  1. Encouraging young people to get involved and facilitating their participation in actions of general interest
    1. Informing young people about existing European opportunities ;
    2. Educational support for mobility ;
    3. Sending and hosting projects for young people within the network and with European partners;
  1. Networking stakeholders in the youth sector
    1. Quarterly 3EforYouth networking workshops ;
    2. Educational support for mobility ;
    3. Implementation of projects to send and host young people within the network and with European partners ;
  1. Build the capacity of youth sector stakeholders
    1. Quarterly newsletter ;
    2. Meetings for exchanging good practice and promoting Erasmus+ cooperation partnerships ;
    3. Capacity-building training for network members ;

The members of the network consider that all of these activities will eventually enable the 3 objectives set out in this annual work plan to be met. Each activity has been designed to meet the same objective in different ways and on different scales.

Public and beneficiaries

All the actions implemented will be designed to support two main target groups: young people and youth workers. Ultimately, the network also hopes to have an impact on all stakeholders in the youth sector in Europe.


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