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Cooperation Partnerships

The EDI GO project aim to reinforce the youth organisations by helping them to improve their practices in equality, diversity and inclusion by using a whole-organizational approach.


Today, European Union aims to encourage social inclusion, enhance diversity and promote equality of opportunity. In many European countries, these principles are in the basis of youth works.

However, it is always necessary to share, reevaluate and therefore improve our practices and youth policies, which we, as youth organisations, apply on a daily basis. Leaders, educators, workers and practitioners from youth organisations have to develop and improve their knowledge, skills and their experience in order to meet the challenges of inclusion, diversity and inclusion.

This is why the partners of EDI GO project wish to provide resources to youth organisations and to youth workers in order to develop their policies and organizational practices which are inclusive, promote equality of opportunity and which will improve their actions toward youths.


The objectives of the project are to:

  • Map the perspective and experience of young people and youth workers on their unconscious bias, exclusion and the discrimination in their organisations.
  • Develop friendly resources to favour a whole-organizational approach of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) practices.
  • Reinforce the youth organizations in their EDI practices
  • Reinforce the youth work community to improve the organisational approach to create an inclusive environment for all young people


The project partners will developed four results:

  • A “comparative report and an online auto-evaluation tool” to maps the main problems associated with the implementation of EDI practices and developed the resources which will help them to improve their policies and organizational practices.
  • A “training program on EDI practices” to reinforce the youth organisations capacities to apply the organisation approach for the value and the practices of EDI
  • An “online platform with resources” to promote and spread the EDI resources developed for a utilization in a large scale by other organisations working with a young public in an EU level
  • A “transnational EDI in youth work conference” to promote and disseminate EDI resources developed for use by other youth organizations at EU level.

Public and beneficiaries

This project is aiming three main groups:

  • The young people, which are the main beneficiary of EDI practices implemented by youth organisations and which will be integrated to the different activity of the project
  • The youth organisations and their hosts could beneficiate of different tools to understand the whole-organizational approach of EDI practices and implement specific best practices
  • Experts from partner organisations (15 organisations) who can help implement capacity reinforcement activities and develop key resources

Co-financé par l'Union Européenne (2021-2027)