The 3rd output of the Mobility+ project has been completed !

European projects 18 July 2022

The Portfolio "Build your international mobility project – Path definition" aims to help adult education workers to link the needs and expectations of their beneficiaries who want to undertake an international mobility project.

During the analysis of the results of the needs study carried out before the project, it appeared that professionals face a lack of adapted methodological tools to accompany their beneficiaries from the definition of their project to its realisation. Consequently, a portfolio containing the different elements essential to the realisation of the “definition of the pathway” is essential for the professionals accompanying the mobility participants.

This portfolio is a support for adult education workers. By providing them with this support on the definition of the beneficiaries’ project, they are able to organise and propose qualitative content and thus facilitate the support of the beneficiaries. They will be able to better understand the needs and expectations of all their beneficiaries in order to offer them a mobility project that is in line with their professional and/or personal pathway. Mobility is meant to be a lever towards employment, a rewarding and professionalising experience. It is therefore important to understand the profile of each beneficiary before proposing a project.

This portfolio is composed of activities carefully chosen by the Mobility+ project partners to help beneficiaries to get to know themselves, orient themselves and define their mobility project. Adult education workers can use the portfolio to organise collective definitions. They can choose to use the proposed activities or to use them as inspiration to create their own activities. In addition, they will also find a section helping them to diagnose the profiles of their beneficiaries.

It can be downloaded free of charge from the respective websites of the project partner organisations and is available in English, French, Estonian and German. For the English version, it’s here!

This is the third output produced after the “Information and Orientation Guide: Training Guide for International Mobility Projects” and the “Competence Manual“, also available on the websites of the project partners in 4 languages.

A fourth and final result will be available soon. To make sure you don’t miss out, keep up to date with the progress of the project on the ADICE website!