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But what is the Eu Aid Volunteers program? Discover here, all our volunteer missions!

It is an initiative that brings together volunteers and organizations from different countries, providing practical support to humanitarian aid projects and contributing to the building of local capacity and resilience in disaster-affected communities. L’ADICE is participating to EU Aid Volunteers program.

The EU Aid Volunteers program covers mission-related expenses (transportation, insurance, and accommodation). A variable monthly allowance, depending on the cost of living in the host country, is provided to the volunteer for food, local transportation, or other expenses. Upon return, the volunteer receives a resettlement allowance corresponding to the number of months of deployment.

Practical information :

  • Age: from 18 years-old
  • Humanitarian mission duration: from 6 to 12 months
  • Conditions: being a European citizen or being a long-term resident of a member State

Our current EU Aid Volunteer & VIS missions:


1 missions within the Association for Protection against AIDS (APCS) :

  1. Junior EU Aid Volunteer – Financial assistant in Algeria

Created in 1998, APCS works in the following areas of activity:

  • Prevention: awareness-raising campaign in middle schools, high schools, and universities.
  • Medico-social and psycho-social care: APCS has set up a network of medical follow-ups and support for people with STDs and/or HIV AIDS in relation to public and private care doctors.
  • Defence of rights: if a person who is HIV-positive or has an STD is discriminated in a public/private service, the association becomes a civil party to denounce the facts and defend the victim. A lawyer who is a member of the organization supports the victims.
  • Advocacy: APCS develops advocacy for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and organises training for its members, particularly peer educators and volunteers.
  • Care for migrant women: Algeria and Western Algeria are experiencing a significant influx of African migrants. Their living conditions are particularly precarious and APCS takes care of women in particular.

  1.  Organizational Development and Capacity Building in Nepal

WHR is an NGO founded in 1996 in Nepal. Today, the organization supports more than 100,000 widows in 2550 municipal wards in 77 districts of the country. The areas of intervention and tools adopted by WHR include advocacy, awarness raising and social empowerment. The volunteer will support the NGO in the development of the strategic planning of the sustainable economy topic, as well as in terms of social network management to improve the visibility of the organization and its activities.

Human Resources Management Assistant in Ghana

GDCA is a recognized Ghanaian non-governmental organization (NGO). The GDCA was born out of the desire of Danish communities to work together with Ghanaian communities on the basis of mutual friendship. The GDCA is a membership-based organization and comprises a number of subsidiary organizations, namely School for Life (SfL), Community Life Improvement Programme (CLIP), Dalun Simli Centre (DSC), and Simli Radio (SR). Under the direction of the Executive Director or his/her representative, the volunteer will provide operational support and technical advice to the management and staff responsible for operationalizing the human resources and administrative procedures, processes, and policies within the GDCA.


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