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Technology is fundamentally changing how we teach and learn, making it more engaging but also more demanding. Educators are facing increasing challenges to accommodate the rising importance of technology in education and the impact it has on teaching and learning. The Digital Pedagogy Cookbook will make digital tools more accessible, explaining how to use them in an easy way, resembling a recipe for cooking.

This project’s main focus is  the  digital competences of educators. 

There are 3 main issues.  Firstly, educators lack the necessary skills and competences to apply digital pedagogy, so there is a need for programmes for educators to develop those skills, especially for those who work in non-technological subject areas. Lastly, there is a  lack of practical knowledge and solutions on how to implement digital pedagogy in adult classes.

 The target group are, obviously, educators involved in adult learning and educators’ trainers, but also institutional managers and those responsible for strrategy at regional or consortium level, adult learners and trainers in other educational sectors, especially for vocational and educational training.

This project has several  objectives  but is primarily intended to build upon and extend the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigiCompEdu). It should also provide all the theoretical and practical information needed by educators in order to understand digital pedagogy and improve their digital competences.  They will ultimately be able to  create, evaluate and share their own digital ‘recipes’ s.

 The use of a cooking and recipe metaphor is designed to ensure better understanding of the project, by giving a practical step by step guide to follow to create the result required.   This will be acomprehensive and, above all, a practice-driven guide In addition, it is intended to empower and support  educators to strengthen their performance through the development of an online community where educators can effectivly access, share and create knowledge, as well as strenghten their commitment to the profession.

 The Digital Pedagogy Cookbook will produce 4 intellectual outputs: Toolkit for Educators, Digital Pedagogy Cookbook, Community of Practice for Digital Pedagogy and Digital Pedagogy in VET.   The results of the project will be disseminated among others through multiplier events.

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