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Capacity Building

PHASE (Platform on Humanitarian Aid for a Sustainable Empowerment) was a project that aimed at reinforcing third countries organizations in humanitarian aid and volunteering management to ensure a sustainable impact of their activities over their beneficiaries.

PHASE gathered 13 organizations:

– 3 organizations from Europe (ADICE, MONDO and ASPEM) specialized in Humanitarian Aid and Volunteering management and 10 organizations from 10 third countries (in Peru, Bolivia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Palestine, Ukraine, India, Nepal and Thailand) specialized in Humanitarian aid and development.


PHASE project has been organized in 2 parts corresponding to the general training sessions  implemented:

PHASE 1: Empowerment of high quality volunteering management in Humanitarian Aid context (Module 1-To ensure security in Humanitarian Aid context; Module 2-To carry out a field needs assessment for a relevant volunteering intervention; Module 3-To implement the logistics in humanitarian Aid projects with volunteers; Module 4-To develop Quality Volunteering management in Humanitarian Aid context).

Phase 2: Sustainability and multiplication of the volunteering management impacts in Humanitarian Aid context (Module 1-To use efficiently the Volunteering Management online platform; Module 2-To become a trainer in High Quality volunteering management; Module 3-To ensure a large and useful dissemination).

Moreover, an online platform and publications have been created, transferred and used by the involved organizations and been disseminated to other potential organisations interested.