Projets / SIREE

The SIREE project brings together various organisations and institutions from European countries that aim to fight the exclusion of refugees by developing greater access to education and self-entrepreneurship. This is an Interreg2seas project that runs for 4 years (2018-2021)

The SIREE project aims to improve the social and economic integration of refugees through a cross-border partnership between the countries of the 2 seas zone: France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Each partner will bring its expertise to address the European challenge of the recent influx of refugees.

Together, the partners will create and test innovative solutions to combat refugee exclusion. They will seek to facilitate access to education for refugees and improve their economic independence through self-entrepreneurship.

The SIREE project is first of all committed to creating about 40 learning communities that will eventually increase, among other things, the involvement of parents in the education of children. Then, nearly 450 teachers will be trained to provide the best possible support for refugees undergoing training. Finally, an extensive network, guides and an application will be created to enable refugees to access entrepreneurship.