Support Humanitarian Action for Resilience and Empowerment (SHARE)

Projets / Support Humanitarian Action for Resilience and Empowerment (SHARE)

The project is promoted and implemented by a consortium of 16 partners including 3 EU sending organizations (France, Italy and Spain), 11 developing country host organizations (India, Indonesia, Ghana, Palestine, Morocco, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador) and 2 EU associate partners. The project builds on the experience of the initiators of the EUAV PHASE, EVA, SuDHAV and SuDHAV2 projects. Based on the lessons learned from these experiences, the project focuses on the objective of strengthening the capacities of the host organizations in order to link relief, rehabilitation and development. To this end, the project is designed to support non-European partners in their ability to prepare, manage and evaluate interventions to help local communities recover from natural and man-made disasters and build resilience. In order to improve the capacity of host organizations, the consortium will recruit, prepare, deploy and evaluate 34 EU volunteers for volunteer projects of 6 to 12 months duration.