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Cooperation Partnerships

The SYMPATIC project is a strategic partnership which brings together 6 European partners.

ADICE is a partner of Eurocircle, which is responsible for the SYMPACTIC project, the objective of which is to create a link between companies recruiting in the tourism sector in order to facilitate the integration of young people into the labour market at national level and abroad.

The four productions will be :

  • A detailed study on the reality of work and the profiles sought in the field of tourism.
  • A training and a manual for tutors in companies, before and after the mobility in vocational education and training, so that they can follow the young people, support them and facilitate their professional integration.
  • Training to become a professional coach: identification of roles and missions, management of the use of social networks and evaluation of skills developed during a mobility.
  • Creation of the CONNECT platform, whose objective is to connect young people participating in mobility projects with company recruiters in order to encourage better communication between them and above all appropriate matching.

In this way, the SYMPATIC project aims to create :

– Easier professional integration for young people after international mobility.
– A recruitment process that starts before mobility and better communication between young people and employers.
– A relationship of trust between the young person, the professional coach and the tutor / employer.
– A network of companies in different countries that regularly recruit and offer vacancies.
– A pool of young people on the online platform who are available and competent to apply for job offers.