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Competences Manual – Understand and valorise the 8 key competences

Skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity. With the right skills, people are equipped for good-quality jobs and can fulfil their potential as confident, active citizens. In a fast-changing global economy, skills will to a great extent determine competitiveness and the capacity to drive innovation.

Data show that young people who study or train abroad find employment much more quickly than those without international experience. They adapt more quickly to new situations and are better problem solvers.

Mobility+ project partners carried out a questionnaire with 34 adult educators across partnership countries (FR, UK, EE, GE) in the development phase of the project. The questionnaire showed that one of the main challenges faced by professional supporting adult in cross boarder mobility experience, is the lack of the right vocabulary to explain the meaning of the key competences to the people that they work with and how to help learners valorise these competencies.

The handbook

The objective of the competence manual is to create a user-friendly manual for professionals in the adult education sector. It helps educators to understand and explain key competences to the learners they work with enabling them to valorize the competences acquired during mobility projects abroad.

  • Literacy competence
  • Multilingual competence
  • Personal, social, and learning to learn competence
  • Citizenship competence
  • Cultural awareness and expression competence
  • Entrepreneurship competence
  • Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, and engineering
  • Digital competence

For each competency, the following is explained

  • The official EU definition.
  • A summary of the definition.
  • The use of the competence within the workplace.
  • Concrete examples at 4 levels.
  • How to validate the competence by looking at activities.
  • Mini test about the competence.
  • Keywords to express each competence.
  • Testimonies of mobility participants and adult education workers where the competences were acquired.


The aim of the MOBILITY+ project is to build tools that enable adult education workers to raise awareness and help their beneficiaries to participate in mobility projects. It also aims to adapt the tools so that they can be used by adult education structures not only in the partner countries but also throughout Europe.