Projets / ACT

The ACT project is a KA3 project which aims to create innovative citizen pathways for young people with fewer opportunities, by providing them the opportunity to realise a volunteering project with migrants or refugees in Greece or Italy.

The project involves 54 youngsters from the deprived neighbourhoods of Roubaix, Liverpool and Brussels and from Greece and Italy in volunteering projects supporting vulnerable migrants.

The objectives are to:

–           Develop volunteering projects to promote the inclusion and integration of unemployed young people at risk of exclusion or victims of discriminations and potential radicalization

–           Allow young people to get involved with newly arrived migrants in order to develop values of citizenship, solidarity and tolerance

–           Disseminate the good practices of the project and success stories of these young people and to make their experience known in their sending communities, and especially in the deprived neighbourhoods they come from. The objective of the project is thus to attract other young people towards volunteering projects and to fight against the risks of isolation and violent radicalization.

This recommendation brochure targets youth, youth workers, policy makers, institutional, and finally every people who would be interested by solidarity projects. ACT project shows a good practices example of actions of engagement and solidarity to face current challenges in Europe.