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The objective of the Competences + project is to help participants to mobility projects access to the labour market at their return to continue the pedagogical process they have before departure.

This implies to create attractive tools for participants and to promote the added-value of mobility projects towards employers. The partners want thus to build their project on four outputs, all related one to each other, thus created an integrated training and support for mobility participants to access the labour market. What will be innovative will also be the development of a phone application, as it is a very practical way of recording and capitalizing on a mobility project.

The four outputs will be:

– a study towards employers to analyse deeply which competences they expect the participants to value, promote and develop.

– a phone app to keep track of the mobility experience through photo, story and analysis of the competences, that could then printed into a logbook to promote the project towards employers

– an online training that will collect all the opportunities in each partner country and which will provide training on CV and cover letter writing

– the content for a two-day training, similar to the pre-departure training but done upon return, to analyse the competences acquired, train to job-interview and inform about labour market opportunities, self-entrepreneurship and return to training.

The innovation is to propose a whole integrated pathway, from infoday at the beginning to return to employment and to collect the advice and opinions of employers to make sure participants will make the most of their experience to get access to the labour market.

Each output will be prepared by the partners, implemented and tested on 30 beneficiaries which will provide feedbacks and adjustments so that the partners can make sure the outputs fit the needs and expectations of the participants to mobility projects.

The expected impact is to propose a better integration to the labour market for participants back from a mobility project, who require support to capitalize and evaluate their competences and who need to be trained on how to prepare their return and their future professional projects.