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Capacity Building
PRAOSIM méso-projet

Diaspo+ is a meso-project financed by the PRAOSIM meso-project program. This project, conceived by ADICE and ISAAF, aims at providing 15 Moroccan organizations with methods and pedagogical tools in order to ensure the efficient reception of international volunteers and to increase the impact of their actions on their territory. Indeed, the Euro-Moroccan partnership wishes to strengthen the capacities of Moroccan organizations through 4 training modules on

  • Needs assessment, impact, strategic vision and planning;
  • Volunteer management: security, mentoring, logistics, support for the development of entrepreneurial skills;
  • Project management and financial management;
  • Communication and how to act in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

In addition, these trainings provided by ADICE and ASPEm, will allow these youth organizations to mobilize Moroccan youth and its diaspora in France to participate in volunteer missions and respond directly to the needs and expectations of local communities. Indeed, it is in this logic that Diaspo+ aims to mobilize the skills and know-how of the diaspora, from the Maghreb in general and Morocco in particular, in solidarity projects, from 18 to 60 years old, so that the challenges faced by the country of origin can be fully shared by the diaspora at any age.

In addition, the Diaspo+ project will produce innovative educational tools in the form of 8 web articles, 3 videos and 32 newsletters will be produced and accessible on the partners’ website and social networks. Furthermore, in the same initiative, 50 local, national or international organizations will be informed about and have access to the tools created, as well as 200 people from the general public, organizations and institutions will be sensitized to the project activities and results. In parallel, a final event will be organized during one day to present the created tools, the results of the project to a large audience (local, national organizations and European institutions and public) in Morocco.