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Digital wise project aims to address social inclusion of youth through digitalisation and digital information. The main objective is to develop digital skills of young people to develop their social participation.


Today, digitalisation is an important part of the work done by youth organisations. It is often admitted that digital tools allow to reach and include more young people, particularly those who are difficuly to reach because of social, geographical, economical or cultural barriers. Inequalities between young people caused by variable access to digital tools can lead to a higher risk of lost of employment and income.

So, it is important for Digital Wise partners to address the issue of inequalities in young people’s digital skills, so they can have the same opportunities for education, learning and employment.


The objectives of the project are:

  • Supporting personal growth towards autonomy by creating learning opportunity for young so that they can improve their skills and digital habits.
  • Promote the active citizenship by awareness-raising activity and digital awareness campaigns
  • To gain recognition of peer-to-peer education through activity organised by young people.
  • Establish recommendations in order to get a political change for youth in the European agenda of skills and in the EU recovery plan


The partners of the project will get to the realisation of 4 results:

  • Publication of a “European report on the need of young people in terms of digital skills” create on the basis of Youth Consultations which will be used to create the following tools (January – June 2023)
  • Creation of “3 training and learning program” for young people on the development of professional skills, interculturality, media and information education (June 2023 – may 2024)
  • Organisation of a “Youth International Forum” to create recommendations and exchange on the theme of digital skills and share the result of the project (June-September 2024)
  • Policy recommendations” collected through local and regional consultation, and through youth international forum to local, regional, national and European decision-makers.

Public and beneficiaries

The project aims several target groups:

  • Young people aged between 13 and 30 years, in particular those who face social, geographical, economic and cultural barriers
  • Youth organisations, youth workers and other people working in the youth field
  • European networks, political decision-makers

The project is also aimed at the general public and at anyone who have an interested in youth’s digital skills.

Co-financé par l'Union Européenne (2021-2027)
Digital Wise