Projets / HVA


The EUAV deployment project “Humanitarian Volunteers in Action: challenges & opportunities – HVA” has been developped in the continuity of the Capacity Building project HVM. The project brings together 3 EU partners from France, Slovakia and Estonia and 8 non-EU partners from Albania, Georgia, Turkey, Morroco and Algeria. The project will run for 2 years between October 2018 and September 2020.


The project aims to :

1 – Support 8 third countries organisations and their beneficiaries to reinforce their humanitarian aid project and build resilience through the deployment of 18 EU Aid Volunteers.

2 – Strenghten the capacities of 8 non-EU partners and their communities in project and volunteering management, advocacy, impact evaluation and needs assessment

3 – Disseminate largely the non-EU partners and volunteering projects (impacts, results, needs…) and the EUAV program at local, national and international levels

Outputs & results:

Through this project, 18 volunteers will be prepared and sent overseas to support the hosting organisations in their activities (environment, health and nutrition, education, Human rights, etc.) (around 800 beneficiaries) and to strengthen their organisational capacities in Humanitarian projects (project management, volunteer management, fundraising, communication, etc.).