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Capacity Building

HVM – Reinforcement and Sustainability in Humanitarian Volunteering Management”

Our EU Aid Volunteers Capacity project called “Reinforcement and Sustainability in Humanitarian Volunteering Management” (HVM) aimed at strenghtening partners from Balkans, Middle East, Caucasia and Maghreb in different fields linked to the humanitarian volunteering management.

This project involved 3 European partners (France, Estonia, Slovakia), 4 partners from Balkans, Caucasia and Middle East (Albania, Turkey and Georgia) and 3 partners from Maghreb (Morocco and Algeria).

It gave the opportunity to the EU partners to create a training “Reinforcement and Sustainability in Humanitarian Volunteering management” (content, forms, pedagogical tools…) composed by 4 specific modules: Security, Needs assessment & Logistics, Volunteering management, Dissemination & Sustainability. This training modules have been implemented in Europe, in Balkans / Caucasia and Maghreb to reinforce the capacities of all the involved third countries partners. After each training module, participants from non-EU partners carried out some practical exercises and created specific tools with the support of EU partners to improve their volunteering management in humanitarian context (security guideline, recruitment process, welcome booklet, monitoring guideline, platform…) and participate to future deployment projects.

All along the project new pedagogical videos related to the 4 training topics have been created and shared at the local, national and international levels in addition to other dissemination activities. These tools enlarged the impact of such project.

Once the third countries organizations have been trained and got their new humanitarian volunteering management tools, the objective was to share them with their local network to enlarge the impact and the beneficiaries of future qualitative volunteering interventions in these countries. A final large seminar and event has been organized to disseminate largely the project results and outputs.

This project was a real opportunity for all the partners to collaborate together to improve the humanitarian volunteering management activities.