Projets / MEW

The MEW project is a strategic partnership involving 5 European partners.

ADICE is in partnership with Career Change Wales, which is responsible for the Mental and Emotional Wellbeing (MEW) project, which aims to raise awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing for all. 

This Erasmus KA2 project will help individuals to acquire and develop basic skills and key competences in mental and emotional well-being (MEW), divided into three categories:

  • Mental and Emotional Wellness Awareness – the idea is to help people become more aware of the importance of our mental and emotional health in all aspects of our lives and that it is a fundamental and essential component of our overall health and wellness and our quality of life.
  • Understanding how our mental and emotional well-being can deteriorate and how this can manifest, for example depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. We also look at what time or situation, in our lives, may have caused this to happen and what triggers a recurrence, or even worsening, of these states of mind and emotion.
  • Approaching and taking corrective action – introducing some key skills, attitudes and behaviours that can help us deal with life’s problems in a more positive and constructive way, leading to a better outcome and ultimately a better quality of life.


The project aims to create a training guide via an online portal. The following topics will constitute the training modules:

  1. Communication/respect: active listening, questioning
  2. Confidence and self-esteem
  3. Assertiveness
  4. Problem solving and decision making
  5. Relaxation techniques
  6. People and environment (socially disadvantaged areas)


This training will improve participants’ self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness, teach them relaxation methods and how to deal with difficult and stressful situations. Participants will improve their communication skills, which will benefit their personal and professional relationships.