Our actions

Development and International cooperation


Theme : Voluntary service for the general interest abroad - online

Target audiences

  • Employees
  • Self-employed
  • People in vocational training
  • Seniors
  • Retired people

Beneficiaries : The direct beneficiaries will be the local structures hosting the online missions.

The project aims to strengthen the capacities of international structures through e-volunteering and to open up engagement to new audiences (employees, self-employed, retired people, etc.).

Project objectives

Main objectives :

  1. The main objective of the project is to provide international solidarity structures with knowledge, methods and tools to design and implement qualitative and sustainable projects for their local community and future generations, through the hosting of expert volunteers (who have expertise to contribute in a specific field) on online, hybrid or face-to-face missions.
  2. The second main objective is to raise awareness and open up engagement to new audiences, including employees, self-employed, retired people, etc.

The sub-objectives of the project :

1) To recruit, train, deploy and accompany 30 volunteers on online/e-volunteer missions in different fields of action to support international solidarity structures

2) Create two awareness-raising campaigns via social/professional networks (Facebook/LinkedIn)

3) Organise two online events

4) Create and disseminate a brochure on e-volunteering support methodology

5) Create and implement a dissemination plan


Expected results:

1) 30 volunteers will be recruited, trained, deployed and accompanied on online/e-volunteering assignments

2) Two awareness raising campaigns via social/professional networks (Facebook/LinkedIn) will have been created

3) Two online events will have been organised

4) A brochure on the e-volunteering support methodology will have been created and disseminated

5) A dissemination plan will have been created and implemented throughout the project