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Presentation of  PONToon project

PONToon is an exciting project that will use a range of new and developing technologies such as games development, 3D/virtual reality, social media and web/mobile apps to engage, support and up-skill women in order to aid their employment opportunities.

The project is centred around community development, social and economic inclusion and equality. It aims to produce a method of working that’s not only scalable and transferrable but also applicable to broader demographic sets and geographical regions for continuing impact.

PONToon will employ digital tools and methods to provide equal access to training and employment services in response to the digital skills shortage existing across all sectors of work. PONToon will provide a more flexible approach to existing training/employment services increasing efficiency and quality due to the dual effect of the toolkit enhancing both technical digital skills and core competencies for employment.

Budget received from the France (Channel) England Programme: €4 million ERDF
Total Project Budget: €5.79 million
Project Duration: 3.5 years