Projets / SuDHAV

The project “Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers – SuD HAV” aims at strengthening deeply the skills and tools of the local partners and support them with humanitarian expert volunteers in their projects to help their final beneficiaries (local communities). The volunteering projects last between 6 months and 1 year in hosting organizations located in South America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Outputs and results:

The impact expected are:

  • Improving the projects of the local partners (new methods, tools and skills)
  • Improving the volunteering management
  • Achieving and developing new humanitarian projects to support the local communities
  • Gaining new skills and new experiences as EU Aid Volunteer


The project brings together 13 partners: 3 from EU (SO) and 10 from third countries (HO).

The project aims at deploying 45 European volunteers in 10 third countries (Thailand, Nepal, India, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Peru, Bolivia, Ukraine and Palestine). The volunteering activities are mainly divided in 5 thematic (Education, Agriculture, Environment, Rural development, Human rights, Disaster rebuilding and Project management).

Besides the deployment, the project includes a training to reinforce the capacities of the third countries partners in organisational and projects management and development.

Dissemination activities are conducted by both the organisations and the volunteers, including videos of the volunteers in the field, as well as an impact study.