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Volunteering management


Within the framework of the Vive capacity building project and the Diaspo+ meso-project, this brochure has been designed with the aim of organising volunteer projects that can guarantee a significant and sustainable impact on local communities in Morocco.

In order to achieve this objective, it is important to take into account various aspects all along the mission, such as the wellbeing and safety of the volunteers, the identification of the real needs of the population, the guarantee of good working and living conditions…

Hosting and sending organisations have to follow some steps before the arrival of the volunteers. Tools should be put in place to:

  • Reduce as much as possible all the risks that the volunteers can face.
  • Know the needs of the beneficiaries before writing a vacancy description.
  • Ensure good living and working conditions for the volunteer during his/her assignment.
  • Establish a good monitoring of the volunteers all along the project.

This brochure can be used by any hosting organisation based in Morocco and operating in a solidarity context. It provides explanations, detailed information and recommendations on these four essential aspects (security, needs assessment, logistics, volunteer management) in order to offer quality support to members of associations and NGOs.


Safety and Security

  1. Health and safety policy
  2. Safety Management Plan
  3. Security guidelines

Needs Assessment

  1. Description of the organisation
  2. Recruiting volunteers


  1. Living conditions

Volunteer management

  1. Formalising the arrival of the volunteer
  2. Volunteer follow-up