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Capacity Building

The VIVE project “Vive la durabilité des actions de jeunesse”, co-financed by the Erasmus+ youth program, is a project designed and implemented by 2 European structures (ADICE and ASPEm) and 4 Moroccan organizations, namely Amuddu, Asticude, ISAAF Jerada Solidarité et développement and Tildat.

VIVE is a project that falls within the framework of the priorities of the specific call “capacity building in the youth sector” since its main objective is to provide the participating organizations, particularly in Morocco, with pedagogical methods and tools in order to strengthen their skills and thus better respond to the needs of young people in order to face the current challenges.



Indeed, through four training cycles, the creation of non-formal pedagogical tools and the exchange of good practices between peers, it is expected that the participating organizations will increase the quality of their practices and thus the quality of their support to their youth, including those with fewer opportunities.

In addition to capacity building, VIVE also aims to contribute to strengthening Moroccan-European cooperation.

Through its results, the project will address three specific objectives: youth empowerment, youth engagement and employability, environment and climate, and digital and entrepreneurial skills.


VIVE will produce innovative educational tools in the form of 6 videos and 4 brochures, translated into English, French, Italian and Arabic to optimize their accessibility and promote multilingualism. These tools will be electronic, which will ensure their sustainability. The brochures and videos created will be accessible to the public on a platform dedicated to the project, but also on the website of each participating structure and communicated on social networks such as Youtube and others.

In parallel, 4 trainings will be delivered to 30 youth workers.

Furthermore, to evaluate these tools, 2 volunteers will be deployed to Morocco to test these tools.

Finally, to close the project, 1 hybrid event (face-to-face and online) will be organized for 100 participants.

Erasmus+ (Cofinancé par le programme Erasmus+ de l'U.E.)