Publications / Guide: Entrepreneurials skills

Guide: Entrepreneurials skills


Produced as part of the VIVE project, the guide aims to equip professionals in the youth field to support young Moroccans in the process of developing entrepreneurial skills and creating structures to have a significant and lasting impact on local communities in Morocco.


I. Social and solidarity-based economy

  1. Definition of the SSE
  2. Stakeholders in the SSE

II. Social entrepreneurship

  1. Principles of social entrepreneurship
  2. Management based on social impact
  3. Specific features of the organisation of an SSE structure
  4. Why undertake?
  5. Life cycle of an SSE structure

III. Tools and good practice

  1. Defining your social mission
  2. Defining your clear objectives
  3. Developing a solid business plan
  4. Developing a reliable business model

IV. Development of SSE structures

  1. Sources of funding
  2. Technical support
  3. Sharing experience and creating partnerships