Presentation of PC IMPRESS project

Promotion and capitalization of international mobility projects to increase employability

pc impress

In partnership with CESIE (Italy), Pro Work (Netherlands), STEP (Spain) and VCC Foundation (Poland), ADICE has developed a project within the framework of the strategic partnership, which aims to promote and capitalize international mobility projects.

International Mobility projects are now considered throughout Europe as new non-formal education opportunities for beneficiaries to acquire new personal and professional skills. The purpose of PC IMPRESS project is to highlight professional and social values ​​acquired through mobility projects. PC IMPRESS tries to address the issue on what to do after an international mobility project with an appropriate methodology and performance tools.

PC IMPRESS project focuses mainly on the promotion of formal and non-formal knowledge gained through mobility as a way of enhancing employability. It is open to all beneficiaries of a mobility project and offers concrete tools to support them. PC IMPRESS also pays special attention to social inclusion: in fact, an international mobility experience can cause disorientation, so it is very important to follow people with fewer opportunities after such an experience.

In the PC IMPRESS project, the partners are committed to promote the values ​​of international mobility for employment and social integration.

Through this project, we will share tools and methodology to improve the values ​​of international mobility projects and to capitalize some of the best European practices.

Specific objectives:

  • Creating innovative and practical tools for participants in an international mobility project and for non-formal education workers
  • Developing partnerships in the field of education and employment

This project takes place over a period of 36 months from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2017.



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