“Challenges of tomorrow” – Celebrating 25 Years of Youth Empowerment and European Collaboration

European projects 12 April 2024

On 26 and 27 March, six European organisations from the 3EforYouth network met to work together and attend ADICE's 25th anniversary celebrations. Participants included: Curba de Cultura (Romania), KERIC (Slovakia), Volunteers Centre Skopje (Macedonia), Pi Youth Association (Turkey), Vicolocorto (Italy), Focus European Center for Development (Bulgaria).

Réseau 3E

26 March – Networking, exchange of best practice and development of new opportunities

The first day of the event was dedicated to dissecting the multifaceted challenges that impede youth empowerment initiatives across Europe.

Through a series of interactive sessions and workshops, participants engaged in critical discussions aimed at tackling the challenges of contemporary youth development.

Activities included:

  • Understanding the Priorities of the 2021/2027 Programme
  • Assessing the Impact of Volunteering Projects
  • Evolution of Volunteering Programs
  • Volunteers in the 21st Century
  • Challenging Situations and Conflict Management

Ultimately, the partners in the 3E network intend to continue their efforts to ensure the implementation of volunteering projects that are relevant and useful to the communities in which they are deployed. To this end, the partners wish to continue developing a common support framework and practices for the network.

Atelier réseau 3E

27 March – Meeting young people and stakeholders from the Youth sector

Building on the insights gleaned from day one, the second day of the event shifted focus towards the future, with a keen eye on the intersection of youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, and societal commitment. 

The morning presentation set the stage for a forward-looking dialogue, inviting participants to envision a future where international mobility initiatives serve as catalysts for positive societal transformation. Against the backdrop of environmental challenges and global uncertainties, the importance of nurturing a generation of empowered and environmentally conscious youth cannot be overstated.

As the afternoon unfolded, ADICE’s anniversary celebrations took centre stage, offering a moment of reflection and gratitude for the organization’s remarkable journey over the past quarter-century. Amidst the festivities, participants were reminded of the enduring impact of ADICE’s work on participants and the local community alike.

Long-standing partnerships

To celebrate its long-standing partners, ADICE took the opportunity to present symbolic awards to the partners present at the event:

International Cooperation Award – Presented to Slovak partner KERIC, with whom ADICE has been cooperating since 2009 on both mobility and European cooperation projects.

European Hospitality Award – Presented to Curba de Cultura, Romanian partner. In partnership since 2016, the association has welcomed more than 24 ADICE volunteers.

European Partner of the Year Award – Presented to Volunteers Center Skopje, Macedonian partner, involved in a number of innovative projects: MIND, Mentor, 3E and the hosting of CES and civic service volunteers!

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