Presentation of the project COPE

The project “Connection Opportunities for People in Europe” – COPE – brings together 5 European partners who worked previously on E2MP project.

This brand new project, complementary with E2MP project, aims to enable young people with fewer opportunities to access trainings and offers linked with international mobility to improve their skills and employability.

The main objectives:

  • Connect young people in Europe with the aim of increasing social inclusion, promoting EU values, diversity acceptance and inter-cultural and social dialogue.
  • COPE encourages the youth to support their peers in need through voluntarism and learning exchanges.
  • Fight against long-term work/training inactivity.
  • Increase young people with fewer opportunities basic skills through simplified training and peer learning;
  • Connect young people with fewer opportunities with job centres and inform them about European job support and initiatives
  • Make Erasmus+ accessible to everyone and motivate young people with fewer opportunities to take part in a mobility project
  • Decrease young people’s fears related to mobility through guidance.

To achieve those goals, a platform will be developped with:

  • A training Kit
  • A Module on departure preparation
  • Introduction to EU and International Mobility Grants
  • Forum for participants

COPE’s rationale is focused on two top key elements of the EU policies: social inclusion and unemployment among youth with fewer opportunities.

The project partners are:

CCW from Wales (Lead Partner)
ADICE from France
Sophie DELABARRE Conseil from France
CESIE from Italy
EFM from Poland

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