The green and digital transitions should be a priority for VET professionals

European projects 02 November 2023

Publication of a new study on the digital practices of professionals and their impact on the environment

Transition numérique verte

Published as part of the eGreen project, the transnational study by 4 European partners is designed to support VET (vocational education and training) professionals working in the European Union. This target group includes a wide variety of profiles with different abilities, skills and responsibilities: teachers, trainers, educators and other professionals who are primarily responsible for implementing vocational education and training programmes in different contexts, including training centres, schools, universities, etc.

A crucial target group

VET professionals represent one of the main driving forces in moving the VET sector towards the green digital transition. They are key players in the education system and are best placed to become agents for promoting sustainable practices and minimising the environmental impact of digital practices. Through their daily work, VET professionals have the capacity to train the next generation of professionals and can have a direct impact on their awareness. From e-commerce and crafts to information technology and tourism, VET professionals are involved in a wide variety of sectors. As such, they play an essential role in the development of Europe’s economy and society, and can have a profound impact on how these sectors approach the green and digital transition.

A digital transformation that must be sustainable

In order to have an impact on professionals, the eGreen project has developed a study with the aim of identifying, analysing and promoting existing best practices in the VET sector in order to commit VET professionals (and beyond) to a green and inclusive digital transformation. Digitalisation is a process that has already started in the VET sector and needs to be completed to ensure the relevance and innovative capacity of professionals and organisations in the sector. The development of hybrid and virtual mobility opportunities and the increasing use of digital technologies in the VET sector have the potential to fuel innovation and inclusion and facilitate access to knowledge, training and international opportunities.

Assessing the impact and promoting existing best practice

The aim of the study is to assess the extent to which professionals in the sector are aware of the environmental impact of digitisation, and to identify the practices that have already been implemented, as well as their level of integration at European level.

By developing tools specifically adapted to their professional context, the project partners hope that this tool will provide professionals with the information they need to integrate the recommendations into their daily practices and gradually disseminate them to their colleagues, organisations and all stakeholders in the VET sector.


Read the study, available in French, English, Estonian and Italian

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Le projet Erasmus+ "eGreen" vise à renforcer les capacités des apprenants et des organisations de l’Enseignement et la Formation Professionnels (EFP). L’objectif du projet est de permettre aux parties prenantes du secteur de l’EFP d’évaluer l’impact sur l’environnement de leurs pratiques numériques et de leur donner les moyens de s’engager vers une transition numérique durable et inclusive. 

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