Publications / Study : green digital transition and best pratice in the UE

Study : green digital transition and best pratice in the UE

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The cross-country study forms part of a set of four pedagogical tools developed within the eGreen project with the general objective to contribute to the reinforcement of capacities of VET professionals and VET learners to engage them in the inclusive & green digital transformation of the EU.

Its specific objective is to identify, analyse and valorise the best existing practices in the VET sector to engage VET professionals (and beyond) toward an inclusive green digital transformation


  1. Assessing the impact of digital practice on the environment
  2. Supporting VET professionals and the VET sector on green digital transition
  3. Insights from VET professionals on green digital practice
  4. Limited awarness at the root of insufficient green digital working standards
  5. Best practice from VET professionals


Le projet Erasmus+ "eGreen" vise à renforcer les capacités des apprenants et des organisations de l’Enseignement et la Formation Professionnels (EFP). L’objectif du projet est de permettre aux parties prenantes du secteur de l’EFP d’évaluer l’impact sur l’environnement de leurs pratiques numériques et de leur donner les moyens de s’engager vers une transition numérique durable et inclusive.