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eGreen is an initiative that aims to build the capacity of learners and organisations in Vocational Education and Training (VET). The main aim of the project is to enable all stakeholders in the VET sector to assess the environmental impact of their digital practices and to give them the means to move towards a sustainable and inclusive digital transition.  

Over a 2-year period, the 4 European partners in the project (France, Italy, Ireland & Estonia) will develop 4 innovative tools, including: a study compiling best practices in Europe, a kit dedicated to professionals to help them move towards a sustainable transition, a training course to raise learners’ awareness of the sustainable digital transition and an interactive tool to measure the environmental impact of digital technology in everyday life. 


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals in the VET sector have had to adapt by digitising their practices in order to continue their day-to-day activities and provide solutions to VET learners. It is in this particular context that many organisations have developed and implemented hybrid or virtual international mobility opportunities. These new forms of mobility have been integrated by many organisations so that VET learners can benefit from an international experience whatever the health context.  

Digital transformation is therefore a major challenge that must be inclusive, as the European Commission pointed out in a declaration on “digital inclusion”: this transformation can only take place if “everyone can contribute to and benefit from the digital world”.  

At the same time, the environmental impact of digital technology has also been assessed by the European Commission, which stated in a “Green digital sector” declaration that “we must ensure that digital technologies do not consume more energy than they save”. In addition, on the occasion of Digital Day 2021, the European Union published a declaration entitled “A green and digital transformation of the EU”, supported by the members of the European Green Digital Coalition. In particular, they declared their support for this initiative and stressed the importance of investing “in the development and deployment of green digital solutions” and of “engaging with relevant organisations to develop standardised, credible and comparable assessment methodologies for the net environmental impact of green digital solutions”.  

It is in this sense that ADICE and the project partners (PP) want to demonstrate that providing innovative and inclusive digital solutions to all is a challenge that can be compatible with the fight against climate change, and that a green and inclusive digital transformation is achievable. 


The aim of the project will be to build on a complementary European strategic partnership to develop and disseminate short, medium and long-term solutions so that VET professionals and learners can actively engage in a successful green digital transformation. Through this project, ADICE and its partners wish to bring a multidimensional approach to the challenges identified and will provide ecological tools accessible to all. They will be disseminated to national, European and international organisations involved in VET activities or any other educational sector.  

eGreen will therefore aim to strengthen the capacities of two target groups, VET professionals and learners, through four tools:  

  • A transnational study of best practice in green digital transformation in Europe.  
  • Development of a kit for VET professionals to reduce their digital footprint on the environment.  
  • Creation of a training course for VET learners on the green digital transition.  
  • Interactive tool to help VET learners reduce the environmental impact of their digital practices.  


The project partners hope to : 

  • Facilitate the dissemination of best practice in inclusive green digital transformation;  
  • Empower VET professionals to contribute to the green digital transition;   
  • Inform and raise awareness among VET learners about the green digital transition;  
  • Helping to reduce their environmental impact throughout their VET experience.   

In line with the ambitions of the European Commission and the Erasmus+ programme, the four partners aspire to set in motion new dynamics towards the green digital transition in Europe. All the tools developed will be open source, freely consultable and downloadable via the partners’ websites in English, French, Italian and Estonian.  

Public and beneficiaries

Each tool and content developed will be designed to support two main target groups: professionals and learners in the VET sector. The eGreen project aims to reach over 500 people in total. 

Erasmus+ (Cofinancé par le programme Erasmus+ de l'U.E.)