The ePassport project is coming to an end!

European projects 11 September 2023

Over the past 2 years, the partners of the ePassport project have cooperated and collaborated to successfully achieve the project's main objective:
Provide VET professional & learners tools to facilitate the creation and implementation of VET hybrid & virtual mobility projects


To that end, the project created innovative, interactive and user-friendly tools. These tools are as follows:  

  • The IO1 “Participants ePassport” platform has been developed to help future VET participants build their project during a distance preparation and follow-up hybrid or virtual).
  • The IO2 “eGuide for online pre-departure training” was produced to be a user-friendly and adaptable tool for professionals to facilitate access to knowledge and existing tools for online training implementation. 
  • The IO3 Hybrid and Virtual Mobility “eNotebook” has been developed to ensure the support and continuous contact between organizations (sending & hosting organization) and the participant during a hybrid or virtual mobility. 
  • The “eFollow-up Guide” aims to support VET professionals in improving their remote follow-up of learners during their mobility until their return. 

The project’s impact can be assessed on several target audiences at multiple levels. The ePassport project: 

  • Supports VET professionals to gain greater effectiveness and efficiency in the preparation of participants prior to undertaking a period of virtual or hybrid mobility, and facilitate their support before, during and after hybrid and virtual mobility project.  
  • Enables VET learners to maximise the benefits of their in-person, hybrid or virtual mobility.  
  • Enables people with fewer opportunities to benefit from of inclusive and adapted tools. 

From a long-term perspective, the ePassport consortium expects VET organisations and professionals to improve durably their knowledge and skills in supporting their participants before, during and after hybrid and virtual mobility projects. Also, the aim is that the project supports them in developing further inclusive hybrid and virtual mobility opportunities. The project partners also expect that it will support VET learners in capitalising on their mobility experience, whether it is in-person or online.  

To conclude, the ePassport cooperation project can be considered a successful initiative given the quality and accessibility of the tools created. The efficient and active cooperation between the partners enables the project to be closed under excellent conditions.  

A huge thank you to all of those who contributed or worked to develop the project, and we look forward to meeting again on new projects.  

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