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Guide eFollow-Up

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The general objective of the guide is to facilitate the creation of virtual mobilities and foster the overall quality of in-person, hybrid and virtual mobilities. It is particularly addressed to VET professionals working in Sending and Hosting organisations who want to implement a follow-up system within their daily practice. It is made as a tool that can support the organisation of activities whether it is in-person, hybrid or virtual.

The eFollow-up guide has been constructed to encompass all of the benefits of regular follow-up with a specific focus on in-person or virtual mobilities. It defines respectively the roles and responsibilities of coordinators and mentors during international mobility, and provides methods and tools for the organisation of hybrid or virtual on-arrival meetings with the VET participants. The guide will focus on which mistakes to avoid and what not to forget when it comes to preparation, regular check-ups, and final evaluation. It will also cover potential challenges, risks and misunderstandings and provide a set of measures to take to prevent conflict situations.

The eFollow-up guide has been constructed in close relation to the eNotebook developed for VET participants. Both can be used simultaneously to enable the implementation of impactful in-person, hybrid or virtual mobility opportunities.


  1. Mentor and coordinator
    • The coordinator
    • The mentor
  2. On-arrival training
    • Objective and content
    • Practical information: when? Who? Where?
  3. Regular follow-up meetings
    • Objective and content
    • Practical information: when? Who? Where?
  4. Final evaluation
    • Objective and content
    • Practical information: when? Why and what? Who? Where?
  5. How to maintain regular and effective communication?
    • Communicating in formal ways
    • Keep in touch in a non-formal way
    • Digital tools to follow-up participants online
  6. Potential challenges and conflict situations
    • In everyday life
    • During the activities
    • Hybrid and virtual activities
    • Why do conflicts arise?
    • Types of potential issues
    • How to prevent conflicts

This eFollow-up guide is part of the ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships project titled “ePassport” in the field of Vocational and Education Training (VET).

ePassport eFollow-Up

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