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The ePassport project aims to strengthen the capacities of organizations working in the field of vocational training and to improve their techniques and methods of preparation and online follow-up of participants in a hybrid and/or virtual mobility project.

The COVID19 crisis revealed that the majority of European organizations were not prepared to operate effectively without the appropriate tools and resources. One year after the crisis began, organizations realized what their real needs were and how to meet them, working efficiently while complying with health regulations.

In this context and in the digital era, the ePassport partnership, composed of 4 partners (ADICE in France, KANE in Greece, KERIC in Slovakia and Forum Educativo in Spain) will undertake the realization of four productions during the 2 years of the project:

  • The IO1 “Participants ePassport” platform will be developed to help future VET participants build their project during a distance preparation and follow-up hybrid or virtual).
  • The IO2 “eGuide for online predeparture training” will be a user-friendly and adaptable tool for professionals in the vocational education and training field that will increase the access and knowledge to existing tools for online training implementation through the creation of an online guide.
  • The IO3 “Hybrid and Virtual Mobility eNotebook” will be developed in order to ensure the support and continuous contact between organizations (sending & hosting organization) and the participant during a hybrid or virtual mobility.
  • The IO4 “eFollow-up guide” will aim to improve remote monitoring of the participants during hybrid and virtual VET mobility until their return.

The resources will be easy to use, freely consultable and downloadable via the websites of the project partners in English and in the 4 languages of the project (French, Greek, Slovak and Spanish).

The project will promote the sharing of practices of VET professionals, the development of innovative tools to improve the support of participants in hybrid or virtual mobility and finally to extend the European responses to the lack of support tools and to the development of this type of mobility thanks to their adaptability to all European partner countries.

A launching seminar of the ePassport project is planned for September 2021, it will allow to fix the objectives, the calendar of the project and to distribute the tasks between partners.

More information to come, so keep an eye on our website and social medias!

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