L’ADICE lance un nouveau projet dans le cadre du volontariat du CES volet aide humanitaire – LO-CA !

International mobility 01 February 2024

LO-CA stands for "building local capacities through education and local action". This project, designed as part of ESC Humanitarian Aid, aims to build the capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities in Ecuador, India and Vietnam by linking relief, rehabilitation and development activities, focusing on the most vulnerable target groups in need of assistance. The project will address urgent community issues and promote mutual learning, global solidarity and sustainable development in these communities.

Les partenaires du projet au séminaire de lancement à Keric, Slovaquie

ADICE will soon publish two opportunities for this deployment in the first phase of the project, one in Ecuador at the Fundation VASE (Voluntariado Acción Social Ecuador) association and the other in Vietnam at the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS), with a planned start in August 2024.

The volunteers will be deployed for 12-month periods in two turns, as part of the 36-month project duration. In each country, we will deploy two volunteers at a time. Volunteers will be supported by a local intern, as well as a coordinator, mentor and other staff from the host organisation during their activities in the local community. Volunteers will take part in regular activities with children and young people from vulnerable communities.

In addition to regular activities in the community, volunteers and interns will organise small local actions (SLOCA) to support the sustainable development of these local communities. SLOCAs will be organised every two months and will always focus on a different area of community life (project management, inclusion and diversity, environment and climate, human rights, sustainable development of local communities). In all, there will be 30 to 60 SLOCAs. Learning how to organise SLOCA is part of an LO-CA education programme that will help volunteers, interns and staff to improve their digital, personal and professional skills. The outputs of this programme will be a SLOCA guide (to help volunteers organise SLOCA), an LO-CA digital guide (to support the development of digital skills of all participants involved) and the virtual SLOCA list (information on all SLOCAs, mainly used for dissemination purposes).

Would you like to take part in this project as a volunteer? To be eligible, you must first complete the humanitarian aid training course organised by the European Commission. Register here to complete the 25-hour online self-reliance training course, then take a 5-day face-to-face course. You will then be given access to the PASS portal to apply. We look forward to receiving your application! Write to info@adice.asso.fr for more information.

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