The Skills Portfolio

The Skills Portfolio is the new essential tool for every participants in a mobility project. It allows people to conduct a self-assessment of their skills according to the 8 key-competencies of the European Union before, during and after a mobility experience.

skills-portfolio My Skills Portfolio

Thanks to this Portfolio, you will:

  • evaluate your competencies already acquired
  • identify the competencies you wish to acquire

A lot of youngsters never categorize what they know in terms of knowledge and skills. School/university graduates absorb a lot of information that is not integrated with knowledge and competencies gained through work and life experiences. The Skills Portfolio allows to verbalize, and thereby valorize, these competencies.

You will give responses to statements that will show your know-hows, and to give concrete examples of how you acquired them. It is a personal record of your accomplishments, therefore it should reflect your true abilities, skills and accomplishments.

Very easy to use, it will facilitate the communication with your project manager. You will keep filling it along you mobility project, from planning to returning. The aim is to make you think about concrete examples that you could provide during future job interviews.

The Skills Portfolio is one of the six documents stemming from intellectual outputs elaborated in the PC Impress program. It has been developed by the partner associations Adice (Fr), Cesie (It), ProWork (NL), Step (Esp) and VCC Foundation (Pol). PC IMPRESS aims at promoting and capitalizing formal and non-formal knowledge and soft & hard skills of young people coming from a mobility experience as a way to strengthened people’s employability.


The Skills Portfolio exists in the six languages of our partners:

Livret de Compétences FR

Skills Portfolio NL

Portfolio delle Competenze IT

Cartera de Competencias ESP

Portfolio Kompetencji Miekkich POL


For more information, please consult our online platform “Valorize your mobility”


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